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Jan 2014
Step One:
     for the Late summer nights we swore
     we'd never forget as we dreamed of one day
     becoming stars. not the kind in hollywood,
     but the ones that made up the constellations
     that we admired and Labeled as our own.

Step Two:
     for the way you were always a little
     Unsure of things, like where your hand
     was supposed to be when you kissed me or
     the proper Use of "your" vs "you're."
     you still can't figure it out.

Step Three:
     for the "Soon" that you always promised me
     but never came when "forever" ended a hundred years
     prematurely in my parents basement on
     a Saturday night and you realized i was
     a little too headstrong for your liking

Step Four:
     for the Times you wished you'd forget but
     can't because the memories are tacked onto
     your skin permanently, it seems. much like
     that Tattoo you got when you turned
     eighteen and soon regretted.
part one, more to come
Kay Reed
Written by
Kay Reed  F/ohio
   kzu, Jay, cg, A, Eliza and 12 others
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