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Sep 2010
Once upon a time,
There was a little girl with a mouth too wide
She complained with a face as sour as lime
One day she was eating a bowl of hot rice
With fried crumbly meat
Cut up in tender slices
So there was nothing to complain about there
Until she felt a strand of hair
Inside the chewed rice-and-pork
In her mouth
Her shaking hands clenched the fork
Working up a quick furious indignation
With the flick of her tongue
She removed it from the side of her cheek
And pulled it out with her fingers
With a most ferocious shriek
Kept pulling
An increasing disgust as she kept pulling
For the hair was very long
Until something happened
Something went wrong
Suddenly she felt a tear in her mouth
On her pink inner cheek
Blood that leaked
And dribbled down her chin
Mixing with her tears
Ran home to her exasperated mother
Who gladly sewed the cut
And for some good measure sewed
The corner of her mouth shut
So that now when she spoke
Only good words came out
And the Cloth Mouth girl
Never complained again.
They all lived happily ever after.
Mymai Yuan
Written by
Mymai Yuan
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