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Jan 2014
Break it down, move it to the rhythm
Watch me spit a slick verse as the bass captivates the women.
Lets sip away the problems like "f@$k it let's forget em!"
Drinkin with all my enemies like "f@$k it, I forgive em!"

I'm back....
Let the haters just hate
We to busy writing our story on how too become great!
As the stars become my vision and the money on my mind
More money, mo problems
That's a simple biggie line

Growing up doing fine, passion fulfills his insides
Follow him on this journey
promise it'll all come in time!
Motivation in his eyes, dark glasses, blurred can't cool down his fire! He's heating up! Watch him as he rise!
Heating up Series 1 #Rise
Dougie Simps
Written by
Dougie Simps  NYC
   Raj Arumugam, Alyssa J and ---
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