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Sep 2010
they came like thieves in the night
Hijacked the planes while in flight
2974 people died that day
And for their souls we still pray.

Ground zero will live in the minds of man
And the world is taking a stand.
These terrorist acts must come to an end
And more troops the nations will send.

The young minds that they enslaved
Will come out of their caves
They will see the treachery
And will long to be free.

Why is it that you fear freedom so?
Is it because in your hearts you know
That you and your followers
Will have no place to go.

Communism and dictatorships
Are falling to the ground
Every where you look there’s love to be found.

Mothers are not giving up their children
To commit suicide, freedom is
The key on which they rely.
9/11 was the breaking point
For all the world to see
This is the reason it’s now world history.

“ to freedom” the world is now
Opening up their eyes, this we can not deny.
The world is getting smaller, and there’s
No place to hide.
No matter where you go, you know we will find.
People are closing in on all your terrorist acts.
Look around you, you know that’s a fact.
So to al- Qaeda and all the other terrorists factions
The world is now counter acting.
The bell of freedom will ring through out each nation
We will stop all your devastation.
louis rams
Written by
louis rams  florida
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