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Jan 2014
today, while at a red light,
i sat in my car, the radio off.
i couldn't remember the last time
my car was so silent.

but then i did.
the last time that the silence in my car
was so loud it suffocated me
was the night i asked if you loved me.

you said "yes" in a hushed tone
as though it were a secret you
didn't want anyone to hear
(even though we were completely alone).

i didn't believe the words you spoke
because the truth came in the
deafening silence that preceded your answer
and the look in your eyes.

silence that was long enough to
make my head hurt,
but not long enough to kill me.
(i know because my heart stopped beating).

i don't really remember how i got home that night.
i only remember that when i did,
i stared at the ceiling and wished i hadn't swerved
to avoid a head on collision

because i know that it would have hurt
a hell of a lot less than this.
and so today, when the light turned green,
i swear i have never hit the gas so hard.

i tuned the radio as loud as it would go,
closed my eyes and let go of the wheel
holding that pedal to the floor until the
darkness came.

the last thing i heard was the lyrics to your favorite song.
Kay Reed
Written by
Kay Reed  F/ohio
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