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Jan 2014
The Wandering Rocks

Ulysses was a hero
With his very own crew
They blew through the ocean
On a boat full of supplies

They sailed out of darkness
Into the light
Back to the world they knew
As they sailed home
They heard a sound, the crew couldn't describe
Not a man or a seagull
But a sound all the same
Whistled through and around

The crew glanced back
Behind the aft of the boat
To the unnoticed sight
There were a group of rocks
All jagged and small
Far into the distance all right

But as the crew watched the rocks
They seemed to grow over time
It was a peculiar sight
To see

The crew moved on by Ulysses order to row
Then Ulysses set sights for land
A land called Thrinacia,
Isle of the Sun Titan
In hopes the rocks stop the chase
Written by
Tommy W  U.S.
   Tammy M Darby and derelictmemory
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