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Jan 2014
it’s pathetic
how easily
I think I fall in love

a pretty girl will sit next to me in class
and I see that she is wearing
some cool socks
immediately I think
this is the chick for me
I make connections
on assumptions
about this girl
who I have no idea about
besides her cool socks
and I am happy for a moment
because of this slight potential
for love

so I study her
a band t-shirt
     I dig
skinny jeans
and a very pretty face
she doesn’t dye her hair
     always a plus for me
she is focused on her notes
and just like that
I’m in love

I start imagining
our future together
how incredible she is
her laugh
...which I haven’t heard yet
I see she has a wonderful smile
and I have so much hope
that she will like me
as much as I like her
well, what I think I like about her
based on her socks

she starts playing with her necklace
there is a heart on it
with wings
is she taken?
maybe she just got it from a family member
hopefully she did
     probably not
should I still talk to her?

I have fallen in and out
of love
in a matter of minutes
sadly enough
I’m pretty good at this
I do it almost everywhere I go
Written by
Drew  Florida
   Cassie, Emma S and rained-on parade
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