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Jan 2014
I’ll grant you that it would be possible to track the woman Mary,
who is mentioned about three times in the bible,
and to show that there was no male intervention in her life at all,
yet she delivered herself of a healthy baby boy.
I don’t say that is impossible.
parthenogenesis isn't completely unthinkable,
but it does not prove that his paternity is divine,
and it wouldn't prove that any of his thereby moral teachings were correct.
nor, if I saw him executed one day and walking the streets the next,
would that show his father was God,
or his mother was a ******,
or that his teachings were true.
especially considering the commonplace nature of resurrection at the time.
after all, Lazarus was raised, never heard a word about it,
the daughter of Gyrus was raised, didn't say a thing about what she’d been through,
and the gospels tell us
that at the time of the crucifixion
all the graves in Jerusalem popped open
and their occupants wondered around the streets to greet people.
so it seems resurrection was something of a banality at the time.
clearly not all of those people were divinely conceived.
so I’ll give you all the miracles,
and you will still be left exactly where you are now,
holding an empty sack.

Written by
the word thief  or
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