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Jan 2014
A crack up the wall
And the house is broken
A cloud in the sky
And the world is grey
And my faults are many
Even if they’re bridged
Even if they’re far gone
Cracks don’t go away.
Maybe all the bad things
We millennials possess
Is a gritty reminder
Of what’s in the rest.
The human condition can’t be that strong
Perhaps Gen. Y,
Just got it all wrong,
And we’re not new victims
In this generational war
We just bear darker versions
Of our parents’ sores.
But we’re young and stupid
We just don’t get it
It’s suppression versus reality
And we’re getting all the ****.
If we were laid brick
In a nice, big wall
The bricks, true, before us
Made us nice and tall
But when we look down
We only see cracks
Big cracks in the wall.
I think we Millennials are not victims but more obvious exhibitions of mankind's less appealing side and characteristics. People can say we're different from our parents, people can blame our affection for speediness on our parents and their 'award culture,' people can say we're spoiled, we're lazy, we're entitled.If we are victims of anything, it's time and environment.  Fundamentally, however,  we're no different from our parents because there exists in them the same potential and in all the people who like to blame Gen. X. Our faults are just elicited more easily by technology. Shame-ers can cover up "cracks" and overshadow their own faults, but the cracks remain, they're still there.  Sure, we may be terse with our experiences and the observations of the negativities in the world, speedily casting judgments and dramatically  crying absolutisms, but maybe we're succinct about brokenness, maybe we just see a need for authenticity. Maybe we just tired of going through a world of compromises and we're only being vocal about it. Nobody would willingly shortchange themselves and we don't want to in any scenario, whether it be in pleasure, reward, occupation or the martyr-esque defamation in the poem. The message in this poem is one of authenticity (for both millennials and Gen. Y-ers) as well perspective. We're all to blame.
Written by
JP Goss
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