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Jan 2014
The chalice golden Am I for aΒ wine ancient
Containing ever the sacred intoxication high
Of life,existence, aΒ procreator genius of genesis.
Wearing bikinis sexily scant,or clad fully,
I am a mother, a sister, a friend and a lover.
An enigma am I,of possession incapable,
By minds, bodies, louts or even men noble,
Being oppressed, I live free in that place divine
Unknown to power, pelf and brains crazed.
I laugh O men and smile sardonic inward
At your strengths so mightily Herculean
Desiring my feet and secrets of the Heart
Beyond you am I,your gazes greedy and
Temporary prowesses all assumed false,
My world a paradox,life a walk that talks,
Of little sensitive things full of wisdom old.
Nobly loving yet abused, worshipped reverent,
Yet beaten, *****, exploited,I shall ever be proud,
Rising as the phoenix, as a mother earth kind,
Toned lithe,creased ancient,ever more powerful.
And flowing like a river I become the ocean.
Hold me still without a desire, unpossessive,
Then my love may touch you ever so briefly.
Niranjana Chelur-The Hermit
Written by
Niranjana Chelur-The Hermit  Here and There
(Here and There)   
   Weeping willow and CA Guilfoyle
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