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Jan 2014
My life in a different place
Young and full of bliss
Never again would I feel the same
For my heart would now stand still

Years crawled along
Caring only for myself
Not a second thought given
I felt without feeling

Memories were drowned
Forced away to the bottom
Little did I know
That I would soon feel again

Appearing ahead, a woman
She brings me my heart
I resist with all my soul
For fear of the tides of loneliness
The waves of pain
The knowledge to gain
The feelings to be slain
Why am I afraid

She's in that same place
That I once was
Torn from the honey breeze
And thrown to the bitter cold

I have lived here long
In this moment bleak
Then she appeared
And put a smile on my face

I feel lucky
So uniquely lucky
And yet not so
A taste of things to come
A morsel of feelings
An apprehension
A longing wait
I'm ready now

She has much to learn
And I have much to give

Why must I continue
Wasn't all before now enough
I have been alone
And known to feel nothing
But again my heart sings
For I am alive again
And yet still alone

I feel my hopes are folly
I should just stop trying
She doesn't want my heart
Just stop
Patrice Jones
Written by
Patrice Jones
   ---, Sally A Bayan, Leks and rained-on parade
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