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Jan 2014
If only you could see how beautiful the world is
You wouldn't care about all these awful people
I like to look to the sky and see something bigger than me
It's bigger but it looks so small
Just big enough not to be overwhelmed
By all your little beauty
But you can't decide
You're wanderers and from you I've learned to wander
From you came the wanderlust
And from you came the hope
The hope to be like you
You don't go at each other
Sometimes you bump
Sometimes you die
But you don't mind
Peace at its finest
The dalai would be proud
You move very much in all your peace
Just like little working ants move around the ground
You move around your ever-reaching canvas of ebony
Tiny little incandescent ant
Tiny tiny shiny ant
My little glowing ants moving across the sky
I wish I could lose myself in you
Become one of you and know of your little hidden treasures
Could you come in my pocket?
Just a few
Just imagine what good I could do
With a pocketful of bliss and magical wonder
I would help anyone who's ever been down
But we will need more than one pocket
Flock to me my iridescent ants!
Lets make sure when we reach you, we reach you happy
Alex Lemieux
Written by
Alex Lemieux  Ottawa
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