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Sep 2010
You are him;
My dreams are of You.
My minds imagination plays out the days,
Of what we used to know.
The slow paced seconds spent,
In a fast paced world.
All that mattered,
was that we were together-
We had each other.
All I see currently,
Behind my new window of reality,
Are the days spent without you
and how I'd give anything,
to be solely surrounded by just you.
Truth be told,
Your beautiful face Is with me;
Every second of every day,
You are the only thing that lingers
On my imaginative brain.
Of all the smiles,
And every grin I've Come to see,
Not one could ever compare to that of yours.
You are the most handsome of all the men walking this planet,
and to be the one Ive ever Come to have Loved.
Jack, you are my everything,
My entire existence as I know it;
The foundation that fuels my burning passion,
The undying, never denying, blissfully simple,
Sweet like candy, Soft like cotton,
And as astonishing,
as your eyes staring me away on the prettiest of all days;
Forever in my heart,
You my darling
Have truly Won my heart.
Written by
   Jack Turner
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