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May 2015
Next morning,
I couldn't wait to scrub my tongue in the shower,
last night, woke me up with a sour taste on my tongue.

Her touch wasn't the same.
Our heart raced in different ways.
They skipped off beat, not intone to each other's rhythmic beat.
What we wanted from each other wasn't the same.
I can't say I felt that great,
doing it with her,
without the bother of you in my brain.
I didn't really enjoy her sour taste.

Regardless, of her thanks. I didn't speak to her any welcome.
It was a penniless job, that was soon to be felt.

I rolled over and fell asleep,
mentally beginning to prepare for the guilt felt in my heart,
that my brain was to receive.
It may have been a respectful thank you to me,
but for I felt like it was just a job well done.
She was just a piece of meat.
Intentionally, left unattended for a lion like me to eat.

I woke up the next morning,
unsure of what happen or how it began.
Misfortunately, I was conscious,
during the event enough,
to retrieve what terrible want I had fulfilled,
Without my conscious,
I would never have known,
what happen,
based off the tomorrow's lack of shared emotion
between her words and mine.

Even after, she cried out in her last pleasure.
The 'thank you' will never be enough,
to make up for the mistake that I feel.

In the end,
it wasn't like a couple with a sad loving goodbye,
it was a good job well done.
It was an drunken single night-stand.
Drank empty with a bottle label desire.
Driven by toxic liquor that blur-ified my brain,
and my ability to say no.
But, my guilt will not make up for the pain,
that my unfaithfulness has endowed inside of you.
Written by
Хейли  Россия
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