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Sep 2010
Comfort in flying,
entwined, we’re soaring
through a sky worth exploring,
embraced and forming
a snow angel in the clouds of tomorrow;
solitary in shape, universal in spirit.

Acceptance in dying
as long as your hand’s in mine,
and my lips are on yours
and we continue beating
from the same drum
even ever after.

Iniquity trampled
by the omniscient shadows
our rising crescents cast
glowing in the moonlight
like two vermillion balloons
sprouted from the same string
coated with an invincible shell
impenetrable by even the sharpest blade.

And we are sinking deeper
into this everlasting night
where the sun never rises
and we never care,
for your breath
warms my soul
and my soul
soothes your heart
and your heart
inhaled into mine
keeps us immortal
‘til the end of time


                                                          and beyond.
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