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Dec 2013
Silence held firm in the rising tides of chaos,
on this last day - Humanity but a theory
scribbled across a burning horizon, incomplete,
smothered in confusion - Darkness reigned.

Enveloping the last evening, amidst the austerity,
of light. Here sat Humanity, no flash to savor,
the ruination of thoughts - belief in hope,
the last resort of the soulfully challenged.

An' so here rests the Poet, abundant with wordy,
resource, in times so pensive, we dream,
we breath, we spin a comforting web - helpless,
As the last minutes tick softly, calming the flame.

As the last minutes of the last evening soak into this last day.
Written by
CM Rice
     Lior Gavra and Jessica Breslow
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