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Dec 2013
Such a pity it is to see,
With one’s own eye to such degree,
Alone she walks – baby asleep,
With tired eyes of those who weep,
The nights and days of simple youth,
To ‘Single Mum’ from ‘Really Cute’,
Has taken all she used to know,
All pale from an innocence glow,

She looks ahead with hopeful gaze,
“A gorgeous child” a person says,
She smiles and asks the lady ‘How are…? ’,
The baby cries – ‘It doesn’t matter…’
‘Don’t mind him he’s always like this’
“The crying of babies I won’t miss”,
The woman states; and walks away,
The girl she wishes that she would stay,

She scowls ‘Why’d you ruin it for me? ’
‘All is wanted is some company’
It’s up and down the path for now,
Straight toward the familiar town,
Where people stare and pass remark,
And wonder where their cars can park,
Pushing on, head up, turns to look,
Not too long unless she’ll be stuck,

Facing sniffs from unwanted nose,
Comments on “babies matching clothes”,
Running through her mind as she walks,
Adopted mothers with their spiteful talks,
“You must do this and not do that”
“You must work off, girl, all this fat! ”
Life’s hard enough without ‘advice’,
‘You do that as I’ve made my choice’

Finally past - into the store,
Not to listen to anymore,
“Concentrate girl! ” ‘Oh! What to buy? ’
Fumble for change, tear in her eye,
Pizza frozen and baby food,
Back home, for now, in a worse mood,
‘Lonely I may be – not like them,
I have this child – a costly gem’.
From a Solitary Trilogy of Poems... The first one was based around an old school friend whose life had taken a rather swift downturn as she had been left on her own with her baby and no friends.
Written by
CM Rice
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