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Dec 2013
you were right there,I was so nervous
should have said something,a single word
right next to me but you don't see,do you look away on purpose?do you really not see me?
pass you dozens of times,should bump in to you but you wouldn't mind
don't see you much anymore,I'm struggling but what else is expected?I'm on my own,no help.
what should I do to get noticed?you said shout your name; I'm yelling
you and I,you and I I'm yelling but the real problem is that you're blind
you don't see,I'm not shy now
I would say something,hi?
I'm right here,you're blind.Give you dozens of roses and you drop them on the floor cause I bumped in to you but you do not mind,you're a care-free guy who doesn't expect a dozen anythings but you can have it all,how else do I get noticed?
Alexandra rose
Written by
Alexandra rose  New Jersey,USA
(New Jersey,USA)   
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