Aug 2010

Used to Think that dreamin was a man's game,   Used to Think that Schemin was a Woman's Game.  Now I've learned the Truth about Livin,   Now I've Learned the Truth about Givin.   It takes More than Dreamin,  It takes more than Schemin,  To Make a Man a Man,,  to make a Woman.   It takes a World of Smilin,  it takes Away the Cryin.  Used to Think that Dreamin was a Man's Game,   Used to Think that Schemin was a Woman.    Give Me the Winnin,   Give Me the Grinnin.   A Man Will Dream of Gold and Mountains,   A Woman  will Dream of Diamonds and Fountains.   But there's got to be Another Way.   To Brighten Up our Remaining Days.   **WHERE'S the Answer????   Is it in the Dreams of Her?   Is it  in the Dreams of Him?   Would You believe it??  I just Found another WAY!!  No more Dreamin & Schemin I say!!  Time Has come to Lend a Helpin Hand,  Stand up and Help Woman and Man~~  It takes a World of Smilin,  TO=  Take away the Cryin ....USED TO THINK IT WAS IN DREAMIN,,,,   "NOW,,,IT"S IN THE " K N O W I N "

copyright 2010 by barnoahMike  ,, Mike Ham
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