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Dec 2013
im alone

in a world of chaos
my own little world

my mother hates me
my father doesn't seem to see

they're blind to the fact
that they're only daughter
hates who she is and is being slaughtered
by tools used to shave legs
and she begs and begs
silently screaming and dreaming about a life
she can never imagine
because her mothers actions
settle upon her thoughts
and eats her heart because her brain is already numb
its like a game that you don't want to play
trying win but always thinking you'll never be victorious
with her feelings notorious, and her emotions
along with the notion of untitled devotion
floating around trying to find the light
that she hasn't seen but shines so bright
its like waking up with plastic over your face
and her fathers still in his own race at his own ******* pace
wanting to go away but to afraid to run
breathing so hard she wants to faint
the voice in her head says shes almost done
because she can't keep fighting this war between
dealing with her own battles and being at your convien--
ence shes sick and it'll dawn on you once shes actually gone

shes angry
craving affection from her idol
whos starting to lose the title
all for the **** he can't find
and the daughter and the ex wife he can't define

Shes been mentally abused
by her mother who claims shes fat
Shes been rejected by that boy
who acts like her feelings are nothing but a ******* toy

then I think, one day I'll be fine

*one day
Emily Mary
Written by
Emily Mary
   --- and Riley Ayres
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