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Dec 2013
Who knew I’d go this far in poetry? Matter of fact, it was never

in my list, not option one, two nor three

But I’m surprised at where it took me, to meet

different people from different countries

With interests of writing words and connecting

Them like these.  

Painting pictures and creating sceneries from words

Angst and zeal all wrapped in a verse

No rules, nothing, it’s so very free

Doesn’t have to rhyme, said who that it’s a must?

So don’t make a big fuss

Out of it, you can always adjust the words if you’re scared

of the sea of people that’ll look at you with pure disgust

but if they do judge you, to a certain degree

that is nothing and nothing else but robust,

you go up to them, don’t cuss, don’t ******

but tell them, “This poem is written by me,

and if you have nothing else to say but combust

words that displays strong averse

to my poem, then keep your mouth shut” and just

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