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Dec 2013
To my love,

I'm writing you this because I can't take it anymore. You are so perfect, and it's driving me crazy. Every time I see you I get butterflies, I have gotten to the point where I am now used to it..but I can't stop thinking about you. You're golden brown eyes, the way they look at me as I walk by you, or the way they sparkle perfectly in the sunlight. Your voice, which gives me such relief when I hear you. And your smile, I have never seen anything so handsome in my life. I think it's bad when I see you, but when you smile my heart drops. My heart goes into my stomach, and it beats faster then ever. The way your eyes squint when you smile, and your small but perfect little dimples. I have never felt about someone the way I feel about you. People say it's just my emotions, or that it's just a little crush..but if this is a crush, this is the longest crush I have ever had. At this point I don't feel as if this is a crush. You can't feel this passionately about a crush. I'm in love with you. I can't even explain how I feel about you my feelings are so bundled up and twisted. All I know is that when you kissed my cheek, I felt something inside of me that I have never felt before. When I see you with another girl, my heart breaks because I know someone can make you happier then I can. If only I could have you all to myself, to be able to kiss you whenever I want, I would give anything for. This may be just a phase, or hormones..but all I know is that I have never loved someone the way that I love you.
Written by
Hannah Hernandez
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