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Dec 2013
She loves him in the way morning air keeps her eyes open
In the way white daisies dancing through the wind
In the way salt water dancing in her hair
Or white sand that breathing under her feet

She loves him in the way fresh berries picked up at 5 am in the morning
Newspaper melted in one hand, chocolate melted in her tongue
And there's a cup of hot tea with smoke billowing
When sun shining bright on the summer morning

And birds keep singing

She loves him in the way tropical jungle that grows in her veins
Wild yellow honeysuckle that keeps her imagination alive
Or a field full of red poppies that blooms in her chest
And a watercourse that flood through her blood

She loves him in the way old songs that keeps her memories walk behind
Or sounds of blue waves that running in her mind
Smells of old library and fragile papers that makes her remind
Of the way sunflowers kissing the sun, smiling to the blue sky

And shooting stars falling down on a dark night

She loves him in the way butterflies bottled in her stomach
While cold night air whispers her name too much
When pale moon light burns the whole city
Ended with condensed vapor that ride into her nasal cavity

But she doesn't love him in the way red roses blossoms in her heart
Thorn of the red roses makes her lung hurt

He doesn't love her back
He never does

That's the truth.
For everyone who read this: This is my first English poetry and I know I'm not really good at grammar (in English). So, I'm sorry if there are so many mistakes.
So Dreamy
Written by
So Dreamy  F/Indonesia
       Sadia, unnamed, gd and Jackie Andary
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