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Dec 2013
We talked today, more so than normal
and I can't help but think or wonder
and prance around the idea of whether or not
there will come a day when we don't.
Yet I promised to love more than I did yesterday
and work harder than I had this morning.
I promise to smile brighter and travel further.

"Allie you can't be afraid of a broken heart" he said
as I wiped my eyes and looked out the window.
The same window, the same route, that I had driven
back and forth every Sunday.
Hoping the rides would get easier, or the tears would dry.

I have news for you L&C; they don't and in fact the tears may drip
slower more so than they did yesterday.
Because you learn to laugh longer than you had this morning.
Everything gets a little sweeter, the nights are darker, and the
distance smaller.
Written by
Alexandra  Ohio
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