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Dec 2013
This word does not require a dictionary definition. It does require a shoutout to AmandaFH, who commissioned this poem, and whose surging emotional haikus delight and inspired this poem.


first, get a knife.
cut yourself
figuratively only,
in half.

take the Memory Part
that rises in the gorge,
poetry source,
that precedes that
awful word,
me, I, and

dump, flush it fast
down the drain, disposal,
someplace where there is
no retrieval, going back, second chance.

cause when that's done,
now there is no one
who cares
about your regrets.

that is the easyย part.

you don't need to be a poet,
litany lilting a list so long
of loves lost, chances, shots
not taken, or worst,
those you didn't
love well enough
and can't go back.

gone, but hey, but yet,
body still weighed down.
incomplete, stop,
even with those
**** regrets banished,
empty spaces sore,
empty being a word
I don't really like.

but I having come to earth
to heal,
whole you in the places that need
soul filling,


we are gathered here today to remember
your future regrets,
long may they rest in
the land of things that never happened.

you are aware ofย ย 
of what
you're avoiding,
today's "to do" list
that only gets added to,
that you never willingly pick up.

pick up the phone.
I will even accept texts.
heck, send them one of those there
Po-ems you write so well.

if there is one,
Then There Are Ten,
who need to hear from you,
right now, not later never,
that you love them.

it costs.
could even cost more later.
do it anyway.
cause today is the first day
of never having a regret
ever. again.

beg for forgiveness.
grant forgiveness.
pay that bill.
tear up the bill
you think is
owed you.

choose. pick. decide.
let it go,
free the part of you
that will be now never be
regretted later.

here is where I quit this
gotta couple of
emails to send,
all starting with a
warm gracious hi!
followed by a couple of
missing thinking loving you
and it's been a while since...

p.s. it's been awhile since,
may have overlooked
acknowledging your
comments and likes,
not answered that message,
re my words that stirred,
so let me start here and
repair that error,
right, right now, here,
cross off that future regret,
I humbly,
thank you in a way
no words could ever
fully express.
Thank you Amanda, so so much.
Nat Lipstadt
Written by
Nat Lipstadt  M/nyc
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