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Dec 2013
She isn't cutting open her skin because she wants to
or because she is craving attention
she does it because its the only pain she can control

she isn't shoving her fingers down her throat
simply for her appearance
she does it because she is sick and she thinks that if she's thin enough people will like her

she didn't stop talking to her friends because she got sick of them
she did it because her anxiety got out of control
to the point where she couldn't go a second without thinking about what people could be saying

she doesn't snap at people because she needs anger management
she does it because she can only take so much
and if yelling makes her feel better
then let her yell

she doesn't stay up all night because she likes the way she feels when she's tired
she does it because she can't stop thinking
trying to understand why all these things keep happening to her

and only her
eliza bonnet
Written by
eliza bonnet
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