Aug 2010

The Loss was beyond MY understanding  AT THE TIME..   How could she have been taken away so Quickly??  She had only been gone One hour,  when The Call came in..   A Raspy voice,,Speaking Slowly,  Asked,,"Missing Something??"   My Heart raced within me,  My Mind trying to gather it's senses.   The Voice said  "If You want Her back,,,You  Must follow these instructions".   "BUT First",,the Voice Firmly announced ,, "You Must answer the following questions..   Do You Really LOVE Her,  Miss being able to talk to her everyday,  Miss kissing Her Lovely lips,  Miss the Touch of Her hand,  Miss the Sound of Her voice in those *Precious *Private moments ??"_The *Voice then was quiet for a few seconds,,,,,,As I had had answered Each of his questions in the Affirmative!!     I Forced myself Not to say anything else,, but just answer his quieries...__The Pause seemed as if minutes!!_THEN,,the *Voice Announced in a STERN WAY,,,,"WHAT  if I took Her away Forever?"    My Heart was now Pounding as I tried to Calmly Say,,,,"I Would Miss Her Terribly!!",,THEN I Quickly asked "What do I need to do,, to Get Her *Back??"__Another  very Long Pause as my Mind was racing in *Prayers...   The Pause seemed Dark and Ominous!   *FROM NOWHERE!!  I felt this sudden Pain Hitting the back of my Head!!   Nextly, AS if from out of a Cloud,,a Womans Voice,,,"SIR,,SIR!"..  Thru Blurring Tears,, A Nurses uniform appeared before me,,"SIR" she continued,,,"The Heart transplant was a success"..  Death had been Calling for My Love,,,BUT *GOD's Hand  had "RECAPTURED HER"

copyright @ 2010   by barnoahMike     Mike Ham
Written by
   Jerome Manzano
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