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Aug 2010
The Girl who owns my Heart
You are Busy with a new Start
Adjusting to life
And the new times
But now and again
You just seem distracted
As the clock strikes 11 and again 11
I call your name
To which no reply comes
My eyes pry for you
But no matter how I spy for you
No image of you is near
And it begins to ring clear
That I will never be
Free of you
Who I love with
Everything I am and
Ever will be
You are my life
And you are my good times
Who I one day hope
Will even share with me
Those of the bad
Which might come our way
That is the love
And before was the melancholy
But that's how it happens to go
When you are away from me
Life gets put on hold
And it passes so slow, devastatingly
Live your life
And be who you are meant to be
And promise me
That you won't let me
Get in the way of all your
Big Dreams
Jack Turner
Written by
Jack Turner
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