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Aug 2010
I know you can if you think you could
But should you should? I wish you would...

So leave Seuss for the children and open your mind
When you look through your heart I’m sure you will find
There is a driving force, painful and past
That propels your engine, rhythmic and fast

It stokes your fires, it paves your way
It gets you through the miserable days
But people will come and bring something new
They will see your progression and see that you grew

But with this same fuel you will churn on and on
And in this tried method you will still meet the dawn
But alone in the darkness you will think, and think hard
About the new people and you put up your guard

They come with new meaning, they bring a new day
They come with intention but meet them halfway
You could find a new method although you’re inclined
To move as you’re going and not lose your mind

But people will come, you could choose to give way
Or in this great madness of course you can stay
But to try something new, and dare I say fail
You shimmy away, afraid to derail

But time will press on, there is naught you can do
To keep them from coming, curious about you
Into the tunnels, yourself you could cast
But you can’t change what’s done, the past is the past

...So hear what I say and consider it true
Although you may struggle, only you can change you.
Alternate title:
Nathaniel's Plight
Written by
Addeline Wagner
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