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Dec 2013
My iguana girlfriend
Cold-blooded with a warm heart
I think about her freezing skin
Whenever we're apart
She rubs her feet up and down my legs
To warm them in the night
It tickles a bit, but I don't care
In fact it's quite alright
'Cause if it helps to warm her up
I'll let her carry on
I'd rather let her rub cold feet on me
Than wonder where she's gone
My iguana girlfriend
She's certainly no snake
Everything she says is real
There ain't no room for fake
She's definitely not a crocodile
She don't cry no fake tears
If water ever leaves her eyes
You know she needs you near
She's certainly no chameleon
Her colour stays the same
She doesn't hide, she's never snide
And honesty is her game
My iguana girlfriend
I love her one hundred bazillion
And even though she's an iguana
She's in no way at all reptilian
There's nothing that could change my mind
Your means wouldn't be justified by your ends
There's nothing at all on earth that could separate
Me and my iguana girlfriend
Luke Innes
Written by
Luke Innes  Southampton
   Maddy Kay and ---
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