Aug 2010

As children we learn to dance

We're handed our masks and given our parts

We tape up our bloody nubs and nurse our bruises

Taught never to let down our guards

Never to try and see beyond anyone's Clark Kent.

We go to sleep at night with the comfort of knowing we're blind

We've closed our eyes, hoping that we won't have to open the windows

That we'll never send that breathe of fresh air

But soon enough we realize that we aren't alone

This turmoil we feel inside is normal

So we begin to question why it hurts so much to be alive

Why we're forced to continue this facade

Then we find out it's just easier that way

Easier to pretend the scars never existed and the wounds are gone

It's just easier to say goodbye, sit in our room, and cry

Because as children we learned to dance

We were handed our masks and given our parts

Written by
Amanda Ramsey
   D Conors
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