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Dec 2013
Poem a day, day 7*

Stumbling around
Trying to find my way
In a sea of sound
And a foggy haze

In the blur of life
As it rushes by
My mind is rife
With thoughts of why

How, when, where
Quickly follow
And my mind I fear
Is too clogged to know

Clarity is required
I know this is so
And if it could be hired
That route I would go

Shine a light
And clear my haze
Set me right
Before my mind strays

A hundred thoughts at once
From a dozen different 'me's
And I can't hold onto one
I don't know where they lead

One at a time please
One voice, one idea
I beg upon my knees
I need one thought that's clear

Try to make it interesting
It'll need to hold my attention
Being clear but boring
Is not my intention
Kitty Prr
Written by
Kitty Prr  Auckland, New Zealand.
(Auckland, New Zealand.)   
   David Nelson, Nat Lipstadt and ---
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