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Dec 2013
We sip our coffee and tea
and walk down the street
and hold hands
you and me would be we
but in this reality
I'd have to be
a decent man

I didn't just **** up,
have bad luck
and give my cards back to the dealer
I tore the ace up
Made with poison what you sip from your cup
and then realized there's no clear healer

me and Molly
We coulda been somethin'

You wouldn't know
but my mind shows
pictures of us
when our love was present
but here I go
never hearing no
I let my voice flow but nothing is resonant
Your corner lip curl
could be the reason you'd be my girl
and we'd explode
but there's no fire from me
since I dented your world
I want your bullets
but it's not a gun you'll reload

me and Molly
We coulda been somethin'

You told me if I threw the rock
at the swings
and it hit the post we'd kiss
so I jumped and ran
frightened the flock
ensured I wouldn't miss
I'll remember it forever
we've now grown different feathers
but still both of us can fly
I've got a perfect view
sitting on your never
nothing clever
from the boy who wants to be your guy

but picked the worst moment to try
everything you said about me was right

I'm sorry

I think of you often
it always makes my soul soften

knowing that we can't be
because of me

What I wouldn't give
to take back what I did
how I ******* did it
But your light
shines bright
just fine
as long as I stay hidden

It's been years and I can still feel you in my arms
feel your breath on my face
Still know your favorites, triggers to your alarms
and the edge of your lips I could trace

I should probably forget
but that memory lies on a slant
I was never on your level
I try to push it off, I can't

me and Molly
We coulda been somethin'
Dug up this old one
Johnny Overseas
Written by
Johnny Overseas  Minnesota
   So Jo, Kitty Prr and Adam Mott
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