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Aug 2010
I wept today, I have to admit I did
and felt my tears moisten my lips,
as they flowed and ebbed;
and I couldn’t turn them off.
I wept today and for days gone by.

I wept this week, like I’ve never done before.
for the memories and thoughts,
and cascading streams from
mountainous reserves.
I wept today at the reality of time.

I wept today at the pictures of  youth,
and thought of  life..and death.
I wondered and wandered my soul,
as my tears turned to rain.
I wept for you and me as well.

I wept this month, and continue to weep
for the emptiness and void
your passing has left.
I grasp for a reason I know won’t appear
I wept today, again and again.

I wept for you and those you loved.
I wept like I’ve never wept before...
I wept and I wept ‘til my tears ran dry.
I wept today and I know for sure
I will weep tomorrow
and ever more.........
To Sandy, my beloved sister
August 13, 2009
Allen Smuckler
Written by
Allen Smuckler
     Simpleton and Allen Smuckler
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