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Nov 2013
With 100 post-it notes on the back of my door
And another 100 that I place everywhere I go
The whole city is covered in colourful post-it notes
I put them up

I write 'inspiring' quotes by my favourite authors
In the hopes of someone stopping at the sight
Of that squared little note
With my handwriting on it

And just smile and then keep on walking
And just before they go to sleep they will
Think about that little colourful note and
Decide that tomorrow is when their new
And improved life will start

And they will start with a smile on their
Face and a new warmth in their bodies
That warmth that they lost somewhere along
The way
But it came back to them from this colourful note
That is all I want
I want you to

And I want my notes to be the reason
Because then you have a reason to smile
And I will feel like I'm trying to improve
And society
By smiling
Written by
Emma S
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