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Nov 2013
Seen something move out the corner of my eye
Can’t tell the difference between dreams and real life
Maybe that’s why I got such unrealistic visions
They tell me to create a real list of things I could be
But I ainte a realist, because life’s too silly to sit around waiting for the reel to end
They don’t see what I see
These pupils are blood shot with conformity stuck up their rear ends
They just live a broken hope smothered in icing, while I sit on the ledge
My brains got no drive these days, see it flies eh, I’m livin’ on a flaming jet
They keep asking me to flash my knowledge
Maybe that’s why they call it a mind-set
But hell, I only know ledge, never seen over the hedge
Is the grass greener?
I don’t know, I haven’t smoked it yet
I felt high above but then life got plain and crashed into the edge
Of the Earth
And I rose again like smoke does when things get heated
And I know the Earth isn’t flat, it’s got a nice set of behemoths
Ones Mount Everest
And then there’s me mounting every verse until I’ve fulfilled my thirst
Eating creativity alive and only leaving behind the skeletons
So when they pile up you can identify their behinds and come find me in my cabin
Would you like to see my trophies mounted?
Dates below from when they were founded?
They weren’t found, they were downed
And only a fool would mount’em
I’d rather stack’em and climb’em like a mountain
And prove I’m the chest of the world
Look inside and find golden albums

… What the ****, that was a weird dream
REM sleep sure knows how to deceive
And it left me with such a cliff-hanger too
Or should I say aircraft hangar
To store my fly art in ‘er
Feels like I was at a witch-craft banger
I’m feelin cursed as I spell
Feels like the devils got my voodoo doll
Maybe that’s why I’m on fire
I’m so tired my words tie together in red
The line between my dreams and reality is ceasing to exist
My two worlds dance, my thoughts prance and draw blood, in a beautiful dissonance
It’s only when I’m half asleep that I’m truly awake to my passionate presence
Insomnia is a curse and a blessing
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