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Aug 2010
I was standing on the shore,
With my toes buried in the sand
Thinking that the tide will take me in
And my heart would drift on in.
     T  h  e  n    I    m  e  t    y  o  u  .

You came as a wave, tumbling, rushing towards me,
Hurtling and strengthening 'til you swallowed me whole.
You snatched me in, pulling me deeper and deeper,
Until I lost myself in the ecstatic sea.
    A  n  d    t  h  e  n    y  o  u    w  e  r  e    g  o  ­n  e  .

I was stranded, so deep, in the ocean, so still.
Your wave had engulfed me and now I was drowning,
Falling, sinking down into a sea of melancholy.
                                                     ­   breaking
My heart, oh, my soul.  Cracked, torn into pieces.
    I    w  a  s    l  o  s  t    a  t    s  e  a  .
Written by
Catrina Nashed
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