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Nov 2013
Stubborn in stature & determined by untamed will, she is unable to stop herself. Like that tornado that blew through Kansas, yes that tornado, it swept Dorothy away to a world nobody and everybody knows of. Maybe there she can find a prescription to fix her. Find her a brain, courage? Maybe even take her home...
Without control she rebels instinctively out of pure spite.
Her words are uttered in a childish fashion as if there were a need for defense.
Health escapes her thoughts, she feels there is no need for care. No need to pay attention to her body, no need for a responsible mind....she'll let the pills take care of that.....or maybe therapy. But that can spin out of control too. Just fill the bottles up like clockwork. If she doesn't smile, perhaps it was the dosage. There is no need to dwell on the questions in her mind, they come and go so quickly.
"How could they not take me seriously?"
"Why don't they listen to me?"
Tears flow as she falls apart then laughs at the funny parts, because so much of it is......funny. But wait!!!! The madness has only just begun! Anger is the horror of it all, adrenaline and a blackness like a veil covers what is true, she appears possessed in a horrid-dark-angry cloud of violence. Hide the knives!!!! Do not give her access to the pills... this is her torment. And alas the depression reigns. No showers today or maybe all week. She does not want to do anything but sleep. Until the dosage is doubled and finally she feels alive once again.
Written by
Renae  F
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