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Nov 2013

That's definitely a word that I wouldn't expect to come up right now,
but it does.
I am relaxed.
A serene nature spills over me,
I know it works out either way,
and I think that's why I remain calm.
My heart knows I can be happy either way,
and that makes me happy.
Look at how far I have come,
you helped me with so much.
I can go out in the world,
and not ever be afraid again.
You taught me good things,
and bad.

You let me realize I am more than this,
I am more than the notch in the back of that truck,
I am more than a drunken plea from a pathetic loser,
I am more than a drunk car drive home.

I am worth more than I ever imagined,
and I can finally see it.
That light at the end of the tunnel.
I am unsure of the ending,
but I know that it is good.

There's no anger,
there's no more tears,
just a sure grip on reality and my worth as a person.
And it won't be the same for a while,
but it's okay.
It'll always be okay in the end.

This definitely isn't a sad sob story at all,
it was never meant to be one.
Just a simple crossing of paths,
for lessons sake.
Positive thoughts and positive feelings,
that's what I have in my heart.

No matter what does happen,
I got this big chunk of me back.
It was lost for such a long time,
but I just found it in myself.

You can break and shatter a vase,
with all of the pieces of it broken and scattered,
and you can glue all of the pieces back,
missing or not,
and it'll still be a vase.
It may not work,
or be pretty,
or stand up straight,
but it is still the vase that was before it was broken.

Thank you for everything,
because all of this,
it wasn't for nothing,
it was definitely something more.
Kaitlin Frost
Written by
Kaitlin Frost
   --- and MKJ
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