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Nov 2013
I shouldn't have
let you get so close,
let you pierce me with your eyes,
let you own me.
I shouldn't have.

I shouldn't have
been so naive,
been so blind to your intentions,
believed you meant well.
I shouldn't have.

I shouldn't have
submitted to your sin,
the stain I now must bear,
I will not wash clean.
I shouldn't have.

I shouldn't have
ignored what they said,
they were right.
I should have seen
the vicegrip that you claimed as love
was around my neck
and not my heart.
I should have!

I should have
left long before I
made so many mistakes,
decisions can't be undone.
I should have.
I should have.
Written by
Laura  Ohio
   --- and Jaymisun Kearney
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