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Aug 2010
Someone has my little pig,
I taught him how to dance a jig,
Listened to him sleep at night,
How my pig snored, what
a sight.

Searched in town, no pig there,
Most the townsfolk didn't care,
Thought he might stop at the bar,
So I walked, it wasn't far.

Swung the bar door open wide,
Searched to see where pigs might hide,
Called his name so loud and clear,
But my pig, he was not there.

Pig, oh pig, what was done to you?
Are you visiting at the zoo?
Did you run far into the woods?
My little pig so misunderstood.

He left without a stitch of clothes,
Is probably shivering, someone knows,
But if he left me just like a sneak,
By now he's ***** and how he reeks.

So, if you have my pig  somewhere,
Return him at once, I really care,
And I will bathe him with scented soaps,
My little pig he likes to mope.

So, back to home with no pig in hand,
My love for him no one can understand,
And in the near future this I fear,
My pig ran off with some cute deer.

But, pig of mine please call me soon,
Or our friendship is most likely to doom,
I will forgive you for what you've done,
Come home so we can have some fun.
Written by
Carl Gene Hardwick  65/M/Arizona
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