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Nov 2013
I sit down like I'm six years old again,
I hold my dear stuffed animal to me,
I grab my salty snacks,
and I watch a Disney movie.

Not a particular one,
because they all have that same thing in them at one point or another,
true love

When I was six years old,
I always wondered what it would be like to be in love with someone.
Would I get to wear a big dress all the time?
Would I get my own pair of Venetian glass slippers?
Would I meet somebody unexpectedly and they would whisk me away?
Would somebody want to search the whole entire kingdom for me until they found me?
Would somebody finally love me for me and nothing else mattered?

Maybe exclude the dress, the shoes, and the kingdom part,
but yes it could definitely happen.

I remember I would sit down and write things that I would say to my true love,
when I met him.
Just silly little things I guess.
I would pretend that I was getting married and I would walk down the hallway,
pretending to be walking down the aisle to him.

I guess in theory I am still that six year old little girl,
in pure awe and imagination of what it would be like to be someone's princess.
To be fought for and rescued from some horrible fate.
I think it's possible to have that still,
I pray it is.
I still dream of being married one day,
to the most perfect person in the whole world.
They may not be perfect,
but they are to me.
I dream they will take every breath in their body and fight for me,
or they will use every waking hour and search the kingdom to find me.

The world is a gray and colorless place,
but I return to my dreams,
my hopes,
and my imagination.

And maybe someday,
instead of having to dream of these things,
I can be awake while they happen.
Kaitlin Frost
Written by
Kaitlin Frost
   -, Afiifa Jeylani and ---
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