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Nov 2013
Do you feel better this way?

In what way specifically do you mean that question.
Can you please explain that question.

If by the question,
You mean if I feel better alone?  


I hate that word.

I was alone for so long,
I kind of liked it back then.

Everything changed though.

Instead of needing space,
I don't want any.

I am intrusive,
and needy.


I've been alone my whole life.
Up until now.

I was alone all those nights,
I hadn't even met you yet.

I felt like I already knew you were coming though.


I hate being in a silent room with my thoughts,
because they bounce around my head and
flood into my room.
It brings the darkness in.

In my thoughts they tire my brain,
so many decisions,
so many scenarios,
too many painful thoughts.

My life would be better if I couldn't think bad thoughts.
I think too much.
Over-analyzing and pretending.
It's too much to bear
Kaitlin Frost
Written by
Kaitlin Frost
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