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Nov 2013
No matter what way it goes
I'm still broken.
A piece of me had been taken each time.
This time,
It was a huge piece.

I'm walking with a bag,
Filled with those little pieces of me.
I'm trying to put them together,
But no one will help me.

Am I broken beyond repair?
I feel like I'm already gone.
I left such a long time ago and I never came

It's just a swirling mist inside
My mind.
Nothing makes sense to me.

I see myself in the mirror and I sob.
Who is this girl
God I feel sorry for her
I don't know who I am anymore.
I don't know how to feel.

Was it all for nothing.

I retrieve the chunks of myself,
Spread out across the floor.
They're much heavier than last time.
I open my bag and spilll them in.
I walk the lonely road,
On and on again.
Kaitlin Frost
Written by
Kaitlin Frost
   Nicole Alyse
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