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Nov 2013
And then you realize once more that you are nothing but dust
collected upon dust.
And the hours draw you ever further from careless youth and innocence
and ever hurtling forward in space and time.
Forward to a bitter and cold end in a hospital bed,
with a selfish audience of your entitled children
and a wife whose love has now long since been replaced with resentment.
Welcome to manhood.
So you try hard to find a rush,
a justification for your existence in this modern world.
A world where you heritage is demonized,
your ancestors forsaken and insulted.
You take the lashes of the nine-tails with a smile,
you absorb it all the curses from the women,
the gays
and minorities
Even though you hold no ill will.
You are a man and you are punished for your capabilities.
Deep inside you screams an effervescent rage
a rage that burns like the sun beating on the shores of albion
as your boots and blades lay waste upon the houses of lesser men
and your **** upon an undeflowered ****** *****.
You crave not the company of men,
but the brotherhood of wolves.

Written by
Nihl  Convict colony
(Convict colony)   
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