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Nov 2013
Stuck in between two unequal perspectives, I take a slight turn behind. The light trail was obvious. Straight heading towards something so calm and embrace. Along the path, abundant of beautifully bloom lilies and daisies grew on small green bushes with butterflies flew along. The smell, was breezy and soothing. And it probably was the nostalgic moment someone could ever felt. And turned back into reality. It’s once a dream you thought you could never achieved. And those light trails getting bigger shine through as you walked by. The shadow following you is getting smaller and everything seems so full of determination and pride. You realized, there’s trees growing higher, high as one of your goal trying to reach the sky. And it make a canopy, for you to shade under when the sun shining too bright that it sweats all over your journey of willful heart. Smile, standing over the decision who no one ever thought you could make. Belief, you are stronger than the concrete heart of yours which love was absence for years. This is a long life journey, you need to walk by two feet, regardless the existence of people, trying to mask the perspectives and decisions of your lifetime.
Written by
   Brianna, ---, rained-on parade and ---
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