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Aug 2010
i got this picture in my head ,

a dark labyrinth blue,

faces in the crowd,

but wait, then it's just you,

i see my silver erector set,

i can build you buildings when it's bright,

i see the leaves falling down, it's autumn out tonight...

i can see the sandy beaches,

and the line i drew in the sand,

though that was many years ago,

you still tell me to take your hand,

i see it all a little clearer tonight, than i did before,

but i was a ****** back then,

and i always wanted you more,

as the painting of the picture gets clearer in my mind,

i try to refocus on little things i left behind,

like the time way back in my mind,

when I thought the world was cool,

seventeen and full of everything but you,

I think I can smell your perfume now, are you walking in the door,

mom I really miss you now, much more than I have before,

little things like just talking to you,

you busting me when I was ******,

how you always told me I was going to be something great,

now you've left me on my own....

I wish you were here to push me **** it,

I'm all dried up inside,

no motivation to do anything except maybe write.....

I feel I have to leave this place where the autumns chill my heart,

leave the memories of you and make a new head start,

build a fictional past with my new beginnings,

and forget all that I've gone through,

but there's not a chance,

not even a maybe,

that I'm going to forget you.

I miss you momma.
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