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Nov 2013
I do me for sympathy sinks,
As Trees blow in the wind and its hard to see when you got this disease blockin out your insperation formed technique. so i do deeds for peeps not for self asteem, but because i believe in accepting , not threw speech but threw a hand to pat the back when stress constricts your will to breath. rain drips and leaves cover your ceiling as your trying to think peace, i understand and its guaranteed i will be there to give you that moral preach that you so desperatly need. i love you human being, threw this cruel scene i will stand you up, and dig for your seed only to show you how much you mean to the universe, so in return maybe you can wipe the blood when i bleed. Sympathy maybe so. I'm hear to let you know threw this fleshy capsol i too am a soul just looking for balance under control. The role of being me?? I don't mind. Just as long as you promise to set me free when i start to decline. Don't sit blind for its only a matter of time befor this sun shine ends, lift me dead.
Written by
Gabriel Diamante Gonzalez  salt lake city
(salt lake city)   
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