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Nov 2013
The hands of our time have stopped
The heart in my chest has been dropped
All because you couldn't show me
What you thought love to be
And I never expected much of you
I have done everything a girl can do
To show my love and praise your being
But you have never shown me any meaning
When one gives and gives and receives none
Their heart turns cold and their struggle is done
I'm worn out, frustrated, and sad beyond compare
And all I ever needed was for you to be there
But you took my words and made them into a chain
to tie my heart up to a tree and leave it in the rain
To shiver and whither till its beat died down
to die and lie to never be found
Now here I am, still in love but broken
My mind is awake but i have not awoken
from this terrible nightmare that I've dreaded my whole life
To find love and do all that I can to only receive strife
And as my heart stays tied and lays cold and bare
I want you to always remember that you left it there
You left a heart that lived and beated only for you
You left me after you said that's something you could never do
So cheers to the memories, kisses, and future that never came
And cheers to this sad girl's heart that will never love the same
Agnis Lynota
Written by
Agnis Lynota  24/F/Out of the Box
(24/F/Out of the Box)   
   Jodi and ---
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