Nov 2013

If you love me, then leave me alone
I’m done I can’t take your lies, anymore
I’m finished and hurt my mind is sore
I can’t capture the meaning anymore
You bring back memories that don’t exist
The lies of you are a boiling cyst
And at the same time a ruined bond I can resist
The pain and hurt you gave will just make me stronger
Just leave me alone!

The pictures piled by stack in the bins,
Remind me of my childhood
False reality that I thought was good
In every picture you took
I saw his face; at you he’d smile
Give and get, but he went the extra mile
You took and took, then both to trial
He trusted you and your loving look
we all did until we were stuck with pins
Just leave me alone!

Faith Barron
Written by
Faith Barron
   Emily Tyler
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